Vacation Plan for Solo Travelers at Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay

Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay is a five-star hotel located at 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, Singapore, has received SG Clean. The rooms in this hotel offer dramatic views of the Singapore skyline, with elegant room decorations and attractive facilities. 

Do You Want to Go There? Get the Best Ticket

We recommend that you order a ticket to go to Singapore at the same time go home, well in advance before leaving, and book lodging. The plane check-in and migration process does not take long at the airport.

Preferably, the time at the airport, not too close to the flight boarding time, for flights, you can choose the afternoon. By taking an afternoon flight, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the sky with orange strokes, which is a feast for the eyes. 

Choosing an Urban Room

If you are planning a solo traveler and want to stay at the Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay hotel, you can choose the Urban Room room. The area of ​​this type of room is around 31 to 33 square meters, with a choice of king-size beds or twin beds.

Urban Room offers views of one of the Singapore National Monuments, as well as other famous landmarks. Facilities available to hotel guests are a bathtub in certain rooms, a hairdryer, bathrobes, private balcony.

Other facilities at this relatively cheap hotel in Singapore include local and cable television channels. There is also a coffee and tea maker, free high-speed internet access, an iron, and more. 

Buying Internet Packages

When you're in a hotel that provides free Wi-Fi, you don't have to worry about internet access. It's different if you are far from the hotel, you need internet access in urgent conditions, for example looking for a place.

You can buy internet packages and SIM cards on certain travel platforms. When you buy a SIM card, you can pick it up at a designated place. We recommend that, when choosing an internet package, you can adjust it according to the duration while in Singapore. 

Use Public Transportation

There are many ways that you can take, when planning to go to parts of the city in Singapore, for example using the MRT. You can access the MRT to the city via Changi Airport station, which is still attached to terminal 3.

If your alighting location is terminal 1 and terminal 2, then you can use the airport sky train to get to terminal 3. The use of these facilities is free, without paying a penny.

Next, look for the “Train to City” instructions, then follow the directions listed. You can buy a one-way ticket at the vending machines at every MRT station. However, it is more practical to use an EZ Link or STP card. 

Bring Medicine

Deciding to explore Singapore using public transportation, solo travelers need to walk from one place to another. Prepare medicines that can reduce fatigue or aches, such as balms, patches, wind oil, and others.

The places in this review are relatively cheap hotels in Singapore according to some reviews. This hotel's facilities for solo travelers are good. So you can rest comfortably. You can also explore Singapore more.

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